Macaroni and Broccoli Pate


70 min

Macaroni and Broccoli Pate

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70 min


12 persons




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Author: Monica Feluchi

There are different types of pates people like and cook every day, but this macaroni and broccoli pate looks and tastes unusual. How can it be possible to cook pate out of macaroni? This is one of the first questions you will ask! Try cooking the dish right away and watch the result!


  • macaroni : 250 g (#10)
  • broccoli : 1 kg (fresh or frozen)
  • egg : 3 piece
  • hard cheese : 100 g (grated)
  • cream : 250 ml
  • salt : 0.5 tsp
  • black pepper : 1 pinch
  • cilantro : 1 bunch (optional)

Metric Conversion

Stages of cooking

  1. Cook long and thick Italian macaroni (N10) and drain the water.

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  2. Parboil broccoli in the salty hot boiling water for about 2-5 minutes. Then wash with cold water.


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  3. Cook broccoli puree by blending the vegetable with 100 ml of cream. If you wish, you can add cilantro to the puree.


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  4. Add eggs, grated hard cheese, salt and black pepper. You can also add milled sweet pepper.


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  5. Cover the baking form with the baking paper. Put the layer of macaroni and cover it with broccoli puree. Make several layers until the ingredients are over.


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  6. The upper layer should consist of broccoli. Pour the dish with the rest of the cream and bake at 180 C (356 F) for about 40 minutes.


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  7. Then turn off the oven and leave the pate to cool down inside. When the pate is warm, it is easier to cut it with a sharp knife without violating its shape. Now, take your time to taste the dish and you will understand why it is called the pate. You won’t taste macaroni, while the creamy vegetable taste will definitely prevail. Bon appétit!

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