Making Your Balcony Cozy and Comfortable

Making Your Balcony Cozy and Comfortable

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If you are not a renovation pro, but still dream of making your home look nice and comfortable, then one of the things you should take care of is a balcony. Some people believe that this place is nothing more than just an extra space for keeping the belongings you don’t actually need every day. Others, however, are sure that a properly renovated or even remodeled balcony can become that special place in your house, where you will be able to relax after a hard day at work, read books and even take a nap. This is especially true when it comes to summer months. If it is hot outside, the cozy and warm atmosphere of your balcony will help you solve the problem. So, what should the process of renovation involve?




If you plan to use your balcony for the whole year, it makes sense to winterize it well. Replace the old windows with the new ones and, of course, contact the professionals to cold proof your balcony from the inside or outside so that you could use it during the whole year.


The Ceiling


The complexity of the ceiling design depends a lot upon your ideas and the purposes you are going to use the ceiling for. If you plan to install extra ceiling lights, then you will not go without using the services of a professional electrician. By the way, this option is more convenient, because you will be able to plan the design of the ceiling and the lights installed at the balcony in advance. What’s more, you can paint the ceiling or choose special decorations to make a unique print, for example. The place for imagination is unlimited, so why don’t you take your chances and experiment with the balcony design ideas?


The Walls


Speaking about the walls, it is better to paint them as well. No matter how well you will winterize the balcony, the temperature may differ there throughout the year. This means that wallpaper is not the best choice here. So, take your time to think about painting the walls and decorating them with special design prints with regard to your balcony renovation ideas. 


The Floor


The best and the most reliable balcony flooring idea is definitely the tiles. This is especially true if you plan to install the heating system under the floor to keep the balcony warm throughout the year. However, it is also possible to consider linoleum, laminate or parquet.


Design and Furnishings


While the renovation procedures mentioned above are mainly up to the professionals, the choice of design and furnishings is what you should definitely do yourself. Decorating the interior of your balcony and making it comfortable, cozy and relaxing should be your number one point. Experimenting with the design is definitely a nice idea, but the experts point out that the best balconies are those that are accomplished in light tones and offer the maximum of free space. Don’t overload your balcony with the unnecessary clutter you don’t use every day. Use those furnishings that will contribute to the beauty and comfort of the place. Use in-built or foldable furnishings to leave maximum free space and make your balcony light and welcoming. Do not forget about the couches, tables, chairs and live flowers, of course. They will make the place more functional and pleasant to rest in.

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