Oatmeal Cookies


25 min

Oatmeal Cookies

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25 min


8 persons




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Author: Konda Liza

These oatmeal cookies are very tasty and with a good flavor. Add a cup of raisins or nuts if you desire.They taste delicious with milk or a cup of hot tea.


  • vanilla sugar : 1 pinch
  • wheat flour : 2 Tbsp
  • butter : 50 g
  • oat-flakes : 1 cup
  • egg : 1 piece
  • sugar : 2 Tbsp

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Stages of cooking

  1. Prepare all the ingredients, then take a bowl and place in butter and sugar.

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  2. Add well processed oat-flakes and knead lightly with hand.

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  3. Add egg and stir with a fork.

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  4. Now throw wheat flour.

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  5. Knead the dough, it should not be hard but soft and firm.

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  6. Divide the dough into 8 parts, make small balls and then flatten each cookie slightly. Bake in a pre-heated to 180C (355F) degrees oven for 20 minutes.

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  7. Now it is ready, cool and serve!

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