Oh No! My Parents have Problems with Blood Pressure

Oh No! My Parents have Problems with Blood Pressure

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This article concerns the question about high blood pressure in older people. This topic is really essential, cause the problem of blood pressure in older people is highly important. Though blood pressure problem can face almost any of you, older people can be in a real danger, cause they tend to develop high blood pressure.

The high blood pressure also called "silent killer", cause it doesn't have any symptoms until it damages your health.

Still, there are some things that can help you to indicate this "disease", these are a headache, insomnia, and sweating.
More than 50 million American adults have problems with high blood pressure, the key role in this problem also plays overweighting. So watch the food you intake, it might consist of extra fats, that increases the weight and leads to problems with blood pressure.

Since we are talking about elderly people, watch what your family members eating to prevent the danger that they may face.




First, you should know that the normal blood pressure for elderly is reading below 120/80 mmHg. However, if it is even lower it is also good, still, the low blood pressure may also be a point of concern, so don't be lazy, let it be checked by the doctor.

What is interesting is that the cause of blood pressure in most seniors is not known and it is called primary blood pressure. There is also a secondary blood pressure, this is when the high blood pressure is caused by some medicine or some medical problem, so the cause is known.

So, high blood pressure is common but still, it is not a part of healthy aging, some doctors believe that the main factor that provokes the high blood pressure in elderly people is the fluctuations in blood, so doctors must be very careful while adjusting the medication. It is of high importance to measure the blood pressure in the elderly.

One more vital thing you should be aware of is who is at risk of high blood pressure.  There are several factors, which can lead to this big problem: overweighting, eating too much salt, drinking too much alcohol, family card (family history) of blood pressure, women over 55 and men over age 45.




Examining the ways of how high blood pressure can be treated for the elderly, pay attention to these facts:

1. Keep on a heart-healthy diet, stop eating fats and too much salt, turn on to intaking fruits and veggies.

2. Lose any excess weight.

3. Stay physically active, which is, for example, 30 minutes everyday walking.

4. Stop smoking.

5. Moderate drinking alcoholic drinks.

If these things don't work, add medicine help to normalize blood pressure, don\'t forget to consult the doctor. Take care of your family and stay healthy.

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