Porridge for Good Mood and Strong Body

Porridge for Good Mood and Strong Body

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Our health depends on what we eat. Each product makes our bodies stronger and happier. Food helps us remain healthy and get well. Among the most popular dishes that are good for health, porridge plays the main role.

Living in a time of fast food, people forget about the value of porridge. Most people don't think about it at all! People are too busy to think about it, being busy at work and at home. Yes, it is easier and more convenient to order hamburgers with coke, buy lasagna and warm it up in two minutes. However, such a way of life may cost you a lot. It will cost you health. The benefit of porridge is undeniable. Let's have a closer look at 5 porridge types to see their influence on our bodies!

Oatmeal porridge for good digestion and absolute beauty


It contains cellulose, which is vital for your body. Cellulose absorbs "garbage", which can be accumulated in the gastrointestinal tract. By the way, oatmeal porridge improves the condition of hair, skin, and nails.

Boiled buckwheat to stay young


Buckwheat contains amino-acids, which play an important role in the functioning of all body systems. Vitamins A and E make this porridge a powerful anti-oxidant, which is able to slow down aging and strengthen the immune system. Eat boiled buckwheat and you'll receive a bonus - good eyesight and elastic skin.

Boiled rice for stimulating brain activity

All helpful and health-giving agents contained in rice fight strongly for your brains and nervous system. Thiamin stimulates brain activity, pyridoxine keeps up the nervous system, riboflavin activates hematosis.

Pearl barley for good sleep

Pearl barley is very rich in melatonin. Our body produces this hormone mainly at night time. Lack of it triggers sleep disorders. Eat pearl barley porridge for supper to sleep well)

Millet porridge to support heart and keep up slender figure

Millet porridge abounds in potassium and magnesium. Our hearts are always in need of these microelements. They also help those, who are on a diet!) Seriously!

Ok, now you know the importance of porridge. It is really very essential for your body. Each porridge affects our health, so we have to eat them every day. Cook porridge for your kids. You may eat it not only for breakfast but also for supper (pearl barley for good sleep, for example). Pick at least one of the mentioned above porridge types and add it to your everyday menu.

Eat porridge and stay healthy!

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