Proper Vegetables to Maintain Immunity and Improve Health

Proper Vegetables to Maintain Immunity and Improve Health

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Proper nutrition is so essential for your body, health, and immunity, proper food intake, without any doubt influence your body and life. Cooking every day, having a snack at break time or light dinner you may not pay attention to a real role that plays food in your life and how it influences your immunity. While suffering from different diseases and taking medicines all that you need to do is to change or improve your daily food intake.

Vegetables are a source of all the necessary vitamins, minerals and other healthy stuff that can strengthen your health. Add them into your dishes, make out of the veggies different courses like salads, soups, various trimmings, enjoy and improve your immunity.

For happy and healthy being you'll need to eat such vegetables as...



Remember that all the vegetables are useful for your health but Cruciferae vegetables contain special chemical matters, which are of vital importance for your body. Among them sulfurous agents responsible for "biting" aroma of these vegetables. At the very moment when you bite or cut one of these veggies, the substances that contain sulfur are transformed into isothiocyanates, which stimulate immunity and resist cancer. By the way, isothiocyanates also do not let viruses and bacteria get into your body.

Everyday intake of all kinds of a cabbage and such vegetables as rocket salad, horse-radish, small radish, turnip, and cress can be compared with the intake of an anti-cancer pill.



None will deny the fact that garlic is one of the best herbal medicine in the world. The most essential and active garlic matter is allicin, which is formed when garlic' cells are mechanically broken up, it functions in a way that protects your cells from all destructive processes.

Garlic is a natural antiseptic, it prevents cancer and makes your body to struggle against infections. Researchers believe that garlic decreases the blood pressure and dissolves cholesteric plaques.



One more important vegetable for good health is onion, which is rich in quercetin. Red and purple onions contain anthocyanins, which are mighty antioxidants that protect the body from reactive stuff that damage cells, especially DNA.

Anthocyanins slow down aging and help with a neurologic disorder. This is how this common vegetable can help you to maintain health.



Mushrooms increase the activity of natural killer T cells, that is why they so easily stir to activate your immunity. The main feature of NKT-cells to attack tumor cells and infected cells.
Hence, mushrooms able to prevent DNA damage and decrease the growth of cancer tumors, make them a frequent product in your kitchen.



Tomato is an excellent vegetable to keep up your health and immunity, this is the well of antioxidants, which decrease the risk of atherosclerosis and protect DNA, also prevent the origin and progress of cancer tumors.

All these vegetables altogether not only healthy but also tasty. Make different combinations don't afraid to experiment, make all these food to be healthy and beautiful.

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