Safe Ways to Store Baby Food

Safe Ways to Store Baby Food

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Healthy nutrition is the key to your baby's proper development and growth. The food a child consumes should not only be nutritious, rich in vitamins and microelements, but, what is also important, it should be safe and of high quality. The choice of baby food is very rich nowadays and you cannot ignore all those multi-colored cans and packs with baby food that are available in supermarkets. Each product comes with detailed instructions on its storage, but these instructions are often provided in the foreign language. That is why, many parents just cannot understand them. If you frequently face the same problem, we have compiled the list of recommendations of safe baby food storage below.


Tip 1


Read the information provided on the baby food can or pack, but keep in mind that these instructions work for unpacked cans only. As soon as you open the pack, the storage rules will change. If they are not specified on the sticker, then follow the basic rules of food storage and just keep the can in a fridge.


Tip 2


Even if you keep the unpacked can in a fridge, do not store it for longer than 2 days. Otherwise, the food will spoil and may have negative effect upon your kid’s health. If you need only part of the food from the can, then do not warm the whole can. Just take the required amount of food and warm it before feeding the child. By the way, the standard temperature to store baby food ranges between 0 and 12 degrees above zero for the unpacked cans or packs. As soon as you open it, the food should be stored in a fridge between 0 and 4 degrees above zero. If you don’t have an opportunity to keep the can in a fridge, then keep it for about 4-6 hours at the room temperature.


Trip 3


If you have any doubts regarding the quality of yoghurt, puree or any other baby food product, then throw it away without any doubts. The health of your kid is far more important and the spread of bacteria in opened canned products may be very fast. In the majority of cases, the look and aroma of the product do not change, while its quality may already be poor. That is why, do not rely on these features and pay attention to the instructions only.


Trip 4


When buying baby food in a supermarket, consider the conditions it is kept there. It is better when the shelves and products are cool, while the temperature above 30 degrees is definitely a warning sign. Do not buy products kept in such conditions. Good luck!

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