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Sandwich with Cucumber and Salmon


20 min

Sandwich with Cucumber and Salmon

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Appetizers Sandwich


20 min


2 persons




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Author: Antonina Blum

Do you like healthy salmon recipes? Of course! A healthy sandwich is ideal for breakfast, lunch or a quick snack. Today we will tell you how to cook a sandwich with salmon and cucumber in a simple and tasty way. It will be supplemented with the delicious sauce of cottage cheese with lime juice.


  • salmon: 100 g (salted)
  • cucumber: 150 g
  • whole wheat bread: 4 piece (or any other bread)
  • cream cheese: 150 g
  • dill: 15 g
  • lime juice: 1 tsp

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Stages of cooking

  1. Wash the dill and chop. Put the cream cheese in a bowl, mix with a half of dill and a teaspoon of lime juice.

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  2. Wash cucumber and cut into very thin circles.  Cut off the edges from bread, fold one over the other and cut in half diagonally. Get 8 triangles of bread.

    Sandwich with Cucumber and Salmon Photo 3
  3. Divide cheese into 10 parts, 8 parts spread on each piece of bread. Put 3-4 cucumber circles on top.

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  4. Cut the salmon into pieces and put it on 4 slices of bread, cover with the other halves.

    Sandwich with Cucumber and Salmon Photo 5
  5. Grease the long part of each sandwich with the remaining cream cheese and dip it in the remaining chopped dill.

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  6. Enjoy your meal!

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History of the Sandwich with Cucumber and Salmon:

The combination of salmon and cucumber is a classic one that has been used in many different dishes throughout history. However, the idea of putting these two ingredients in a sandwich may seem more modern. The sandwich itself has a fascinating history that dates back to the 18th century, when the Earl of Sandwich asked for meat to be placed between two slices of bread so that he could eat his meal without having to leave the card table. Since then, the sandwich has evolved into a versatile and beloved food that can be found all over the world. This recipe puts a twist on the classic sandwich by adding healthy and delicious ingredients that complement each other perfectly.

Tips and Tricks for Sandwich with Cucumber and Salmon Recipe:

The key to making this sandwich really shine is all in the ingredients. Make sure to choose a high-quality, fresh salmon, and slice your cucumber thinly so that it's easy to eat. When it comes to the bread, choose a sturdy option that will hold up to the weight of the filling. Whole wheat bread is a great choice because it's healthy and dense enough to hold everything together. Additionally, be sure to spread the cream cheese mixture evenly over the bread so that each bite has a little bit of everything. Finally, don't skimp on the dill - it adds a fresh and tangy flavor that ties everything together.

Tips for presenting the dish:

When it comes to serving this sandwich, there are a few different options. You could cut it into smaller pieces and serve it as an appetizer, or you could keep it whole and serve it as an entree. Either way, it's important to use a knife to slice it cleanly so that the filling doesn't fall out. A garnish of fresh dill or a sprinkle of paprika could be a nice touch to add a little bit of color and flavor. Pair this sandwich with a side of fresh veggies or a simple salad to make it a complete meal.

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