Save Food Save Money

Save Food Save Money

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Not every woman can organize housekeeping. This article will help you understand how to save your time and money. You'll learn several sensible ways how to use food, you have bought in a supermarket.

Sometimes we have to throw out food, wasting our money. It happens when you buy more than you need or cook more than you can eat. Then you place this food in a fridge....time goes becomes spoilt and you throw it away.

The best way to cope with this problem is to frost and to dry food and then use it again. But one more problem may spring up. You may forget that you have put food in the freezer. Here is the decision of this problem - take a list of all food, that you have put in the freezer and stick it on the fridge. Then, when you are planning to cook something, look at this list. After using frost food, cross it out in the list.

Take a thin plastic wrap, put in a food and roll it. Put this into the freezer until it becomes frost. Then take it out and write on the name, date, and mass of this food. Now let's view everything more detailed.


What Should We Frost?

Any meat and sausages: slice them or dice, put in the freezer. Then add to scrambled eggs, pizza, stew dishes, and salads. You may not cut sausages at all, then just fry them or boil. Good ham very well undergoes frosting. Use it to make sandwiches, salads and so on.

Boiled meat, chicken and fish: remove bones and slice, put in the freezer, then use to make salads and paste.

Boiled seafood also undergo frosting very well. Use them in cooking sauces for fish soup.

Hard cheese: put it whole in the freezer or grate. It may crumble after frosting but if you add it to pizza or pudding nobody notices it. Curd after frosting may be a little bit watery, still, it will not spoil the taste of pastry, curd pudding or curd pancakes.

Fresh vegetables: sometimes it happens that one half of a tomato or pepper has been left in the fridge. Cut it and frost. Do the same thing with carrot, bulb onion, beet, and greens. Before frosting cauliflower, broccoli, haricot, and green peas place them in boiling water for 1-2 minutes. Then pour cold water over them and only after this frost. Pumpkin and marrow dice and put in the freezer, then add in soup or stewed dishes.

Canned corn and peas: pour off a liquid and then frost. Add to soup, stewed dishes or pizza, the flavor would be great.

Fruits and berries: slice them, put in the freezer. Use them when cook pies, pancakes, compotes, add them to milk porridges and yogurt.

Nuts in the freezer can be stored up to 8 months.


What Should We Dry?

This way to store food is very vital in the summer-time and very good for vegetables, fruits, and greens. When you have leftovers of sweet pepper, carrot or bulb onion, cut them into thin pieces, spread all over the paper and leave them outdoors. After several days vegetables become dry. Then pour them in a jar and place in the kitchen cabinet. If several slices of some fruit have been left or a handful of berries, dry them outdoors the same way and then add to tea, compote, mulled wine.

Bread: dice it and dry in the oven. Use like crackers for soup, broth, and salads.

To use the leftovers of muffins and cookies, first dry them in the oven and crumble up. Now you have a perfect adding to fancy cakes.

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