Secrets of Cooking Juicy and Delicious Cutlets

Secrets of Cooking Juicy and Delicious Cutlets

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There are different meat dishes people like to eat every day. Some of them like stewed beef, for example, while others give preference to baked meat. However, there is one meat dish, which stands out in the crowd and is known around the world. It is cooked in different ways depending upon a country you travel to and even housewives, who reside in the same country, have their own secrets that can help make the dish outstanding and even more delicious.

Nowadays, cutlets can be cooked not only of meat but of vegetables, liver, fish and other products as well. However, the traditional receipt implies cooking meat cutlets for your family supper. Many housewives recommend cooking the cutlets in the oven instead of frying them. If you need, you can even stew the cutlets to get a healthy and nutritious meat dish. Regardless of the type of cooking cutlets and your personal secrets, there are a few recommendations you should follow to make the cooking process a success.

1. It is better to cook the cutlets of several types of meat. The more successful the combination is – the juicier and more delicious your cutlets will be. Such an unusual dish will certainly become one of the favorite dishes of your family and friends.

2. Avoid freezing the fresh chopped meat. Otherwise, it can lose its properties, nutritional value and even become hard.

3. Classic cutlets are cooked by adding bread, which has to be preliminarily soaked in milk. This gives the chopped meat juicy and soft taste.

4. It is desirable to add grated or chopped onion and even carrots. The taste of onion will give the cutlets a spicy taste, while the juice of vegetables will make them soft. You can also add greenery and grated garlic, but this depends upon the preferences of your family and guests.

5. Some housewives add other vegetables into the chopped meat, such as grated fresh or boiled potatoes, carrots, beets and what not. Sometimes, they add cheese to make the cutlets unique.

6. Another “secret” of juicy and soft cutlets is adding a small piece of butter inside each cutlet before frying or baking it. If you have never done that before, try doing this step the next time you are going to cook cutlets. The result will be obvious and quite surprising!

7. Many housewives wrongly believe that eggs make the chopped meat more smooth and add them each time they cook the dish. It turns out that eggs make the meat harder, so experts recommend adding egg whites instead of yolks. If you have time, you can even whip them to make your cutlets “airy”.

8. To make the chopped meat softer, take your time to knead the chopped meat. The entire procedure should last for about 10-15 minutes. The effect will be wonderful.

9. Fry the cutlets on the well-heated oil. Do not close the frying pan. In this case, the cutlets will be crispy and golden. If you want them to be juice, but not golden, it makes sense to leave the frying pan covered with a lid.

Try using these recommendations and your cutlets will become delicious, juicy and soft! Bon appétit!

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