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Secrets of Processing and Cooking Tasty Vegetables in the Batter

Secrets of Processing and Cooking Tasty Vegetables in the Batter

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If you have ever tasted vegetables fried in the batter, then you know for sure how tasty and unusual the dishes are. What you may not know, however, is that cooking such dishes may be a real pleasure for you, while the whole process will not take it longer than half an hour – so simple and quick it is! Are you ready to find out some recommendations on frying vegetables in the batter? If so, then this article will be of great help to you! So, let’s get started!


The first secret of such dishes is… the batter, of course! To make the vegetables taste delicious and peculiar, they should be cooked in a very careful and thorough way to prevent the formation of particles and curds in it. They may spoil the whole dish, so, do not underestimate the importance of stirring or whipping the batter properly until it becomes smooth. Traditional batter is cooked of eggs, flour and milk (or water) – this depends upon the dish and the vegetables you are going to cook.  By the way, some chefs recommend adding a bit of beer or wine to the batter. This gives the ready-made dish peculiar taste, aroma and crusty golden cover. It is allowed to replace water or milk with beer or wine to keep the batter dense enough to use it for frying the vegetables.  


The next secret is cooking cool batter. For this purpose, you should just use the eggs and milk from the fridge. If this is not possible for some reason or you are not pressed for time, it is very desirable to keep your batter in a fridge for 20-30 minutes before cooking the dish.


Thirdly, pay attention to the right proportions of batter and vegetables. Your vegetables should not be covered with a thick layer of batter. Otherwise, they will lose their natural taste and properties. Just dip a vegetable into the batter for a few seconds and fry it on hot oil on all the sides. This is where the contrast of temperatures will be important. The combination of cold batter and hot oil will give great result! Do not forget that frying the vegetables should not take much time. As far as the oil is hot, it makes sense to fry them quickly on each side, thus making the vegetables golden, crusty and very tasty!


It looks like the secrets of processing and cooking vegetables in the batter are quite simple and they really are! Having read the article, you have probably understood that the major secret is all about the batter and its qualities. So, take your time to follow the recommendations listed above or follow ours easy vegetarian recipes and may your cooking experiments be a success!

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