Several Tips how to Stay Healthy and be in Safe during Summer Heat

Several Tips how to Stay Healthy and be in Safe during Summer Heat

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Summertime is so beautiful, colorful and bright, this is the most favorite season for most people. Some are trying to take a trip even to hotter countries to have a rest and relax near the heavenly warm and pleasant sea and beneath the unclouded and mild azure sky.

Still, not far everyone can so easily undergo the heat, which comes up together with summer, some feel themselves lifeless and not able live normal during the heat but, unfortunately, there are some people for whom this season looks like sheer hell rather than warm and romantic one. Summer heat can be dangerous - even deadly if you won't use some tips.



Most think that the air conditioner will save you from the heat and will help you to go through difficult for body and health period. The work of air conditioner has its benefit like temperature regulator, it provides the room with the necessary temperature, so one might forget about hot hell outdoors. Still, all these convenient and good while staying in the room, but once you leave it, the temperature drop may cause serious problems with health.

Besides, the usage of the air conditioner is the first and main reason of cold and even pneumonia, this is how it's dangerous, it happens because a man falls into an air flow immediately after the heat. Watch that the temperature drop between room and street would be no more than 7-10 degrees.



1. Try to stay inside during the hottest hours, this time interval may vary and depends on the region where you live but more often this is from mid-morning to mid-afternoon

2. Your dressing must be light, this is important, cause now you may prevent the heatstroke. Pay attention to covers that you use, they must be breathable.

3. Drink a lot of water, it is vital for health, especially during the hot summer. Experts recommend drinking no less than 3 l of water per day through the hottest period. If you have problems with a weight you need to drink even more.

4. Avoid drinking coffee and other beverages that contain caffeine. The same with alcoholic drinks, their intaking may cause dehydration.

5. To stop the hottest sunlight getting into the room, use blinds and curtains.

6. You\'d better change the time of your daily work, move it to the early morning if possible.

7. Don\'t forget about your car. It is very dangerous to leave a child inside the car, cause it becomes overheated and not safe.

8. Instead of the oven and stove use slow cookers, for now, your kitchen will not be heated too much.

9.  Use a fan, place it in a position that it blows in the room, not near the window.

10. Control the kids while they are playing outdoors. Supervise them frequently.



Elderly people are at high risk for heart problems while heat. So, follow some tips to take care of your loved ones.

1. Provide elderly family members with information about heart problems during the hottest season and their symptoms.

2. Visit elderly people no less than once per day to be sure they are all right.

3. Make sure they are not isolated, cause thus the risk is too high.

4. Provide family members with air conditioning.

5. Be sure that your loved ones have a number and can call in case of a problem will occur.

Following these simple tips, you will save your health and the health and life of your family members. Learn this information and use when you need, it is easy but absolutely essential. Stay healthy!

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