Simple Dishes to Be Cooked for Breakfast

Simple Dishes to Be Cooked for Breakfast

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With the hasty lives we are living today, we don’t often have enough time to cook something special for breakfast. Let’s face it: when everyone is in a hurry and you have only half an hour to get everything ready, complex breakfast dishes is hardly the right decision. Actually, some people don’t think about having breakfast at all, which is not right. The thing is that breakfast is the most substantial meal of the day and dietologists from all over the world keep reminding us about that again and again. That is why, having breakfast every day is not a whim, but a necessity that should not be underestimated. If the choice of the best breakfast is one of the major concerns you face in the morning, then keep reading the article to find out the most suitable options. The dishes you will find here are not only very delicious,  but healthy and nutritious as well. They will fill you and your loved ones with energy for the whole day, so, don’t overlook the chance to cook them for your family members.


What Products Are the Best?


When choosing products for your breakfast, experts recommend giving preference to those ingredients that are rich in proteins. These include eggs, cottage cheese, hard cheese, chicken, fish, nuts, dried fruit, yoghurt etc. Cereals and whole-grain musli or bread work great for this purpose as well. Do not forget about fresh fruit and vegetables, which are also both nutritious and rich in vitamins, microelements and other nutrients.


Best Dishes to Be Cooked for Breakfast


Fruit and Yoghurt


The combination of yoghurt and fresh fruit will not only please you by its taste, but will eliminate the necessity to cook something at all! Cooking the dish will not take much time – just combine your favorite fruit with the yoghurt and the dish is ready! You can add a piece of whole-grain bread or a cup of green tea to make the breakfast more nutritious. If you don’t have fresh fruit at hand, give preference to dried fruit and nuts.


Cereals and Muesli


Who hasn’t tried cooking muesli for breakfast? The popularity of the dish is explained by the simplicity of the cooking process. Just pour the muesli with milk, juice or even water… and enjoy the result!  If you wish, you can add fresh or dried fruit, honey or nuts yourself – this will not spoil the dish, but will make it even tastier!


Cottage Cheese


Cottage cheese is an ideal breakfast decision for everyone, who is in a hurry. It contains the required amount of proteins, calcium and vitamins that will help make your day successful. It is up to you to select the ingredients to be added to the cottage cheese – the choice is quite extensive, because it is ideally combined with fruit, nuts, yoghurt, jam, fruit sauce and what not!


Egg Scramble


Egg scramble is one of the traditional American dishes, which is cooked with tomatoes. The whole cooking process will not take it longer than 10 minutes. Just mix the eggs with butter and tomatoes in a frying pan and keep cooking the dish for 3 minutes. Do not forget about salt and spices – the result will be fantastic!


Actually, there are much more simple dishes you can cook for breakfast today. Listed above are the most popular variants, but it is up to you to make your choice!

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