Smart Fructose Intake

Smart Fructose Intake

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Spring is a nice season but summer, especially for those, who live in places where temperature differs greatly, is a season of a real recreation and entertainment, this is the season when you are abundant can treat yourself to berries and fruits.

Nowadays you can buy fruits and berries in every grocery in any season, apples, bananas, pineapples and grapes, blueberries and other berries.



All the fruits contain a great number of vitamins, micro- and macro elements, fiber, antioxidants, and phytonutrients, which support man`s immunity. The most known ingredient of the summertime delicious fruits is fructose. You probably know that thousands of different substances in your body secure the correct functionality of the body. Fructose belongs to carbohydrates, exactly to simple carbohydrates, it is 70% sweeter than sucrose but assimilated without insulin and do not overload the pancreas. When you intake berries, fruits and vegetables, which contain fibre, it decreases the assimilation of fructose and lighten its processing.

Since fructose is made out of beet and reed sugar, the producers of food stuff try to use it as often as possible, so now you may find fructose in yogurts, milk desserts, ketchup, sauces, in most packed juices, baked stuff, tea and even in baby food. Nowadays people consume too many fructose, cause it inhabits most of the food.



Recently criped up an information about the negative influence of fructose on man`s body, it prevents the right functionality of leptin hormone and causes the problems with vessels and even brain diseases. American scientists distinguished that fructose influences harmfully on man`s genes and can cause early ageing. Overeating of food with fructose can prevent you from enjoing fruits and berries in a summer season, so what should you do?

The fact is that there are two fructose intolerance: inherent and acquired.

First means that your liver can't digest fructose, cause it doesn't have all the necessary enzymes and as a result, further you can suffer from various body problems and even very dangerous for life disease, which is fructosemia. The second intolerance (acquired) means exactly that bowels can't soak fructose, because of the lack of special carrier protein, but this happens mostly with elderly people. It doesn't mean that you'll have serious problems with health, still, a man get partial fructose failure.



Fructose helps most of the nutritive materials get into your blood, among them zinc and folic acid, so it helps your body to keep enough ammount of these vital materials, it strengthens immunity and supports the production of hormones and enzymes. Fructose especially vital for a young body. Besides, the enough ammount of fructose in your body will help you to cope with depression, seriously.

As a result, you must intake fructose smart, when you have an opportunity to enjoy fruits and berries, you must stop eating all the rest of the food, which contains fructose, 5 pears, 8 bananas and 6 apples contain together 50 g of fructose, such amount may cause problems with bowels, like ache and postprandial syndrome. To prevent all these, try to decrease your single servings.

The last and important thing is that you should intake food, which contains fat acids (fat fish, nuts and linseed-oil), these acids will help you to avoid negative influence of excessive fructose in your body and improve your memory.

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