Stop Eat This and Lose Weight

Stop Eat This and Lose Weight

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You wanna lose your weight but, unfortunately, you can't get rid of overeating? You start thinking that it is impossible for you to lose weight. First you must understand what food you must stop eating, what food is wrong. Maybe your everyday meals are consisted of those food that stimulate weight gaining. Thus, know that, you can make simple changes step by step to slim down.


Now we will talk about that food and dishes, which increase weight and prevent us from the results we long want for, review your everyday breakfast, lunch, and dinner to understand what are you eating wrong.


Fast food and all that is concerned with it. This food contains a giant amount of fat, so after one meal of this food, you'll get your daily calorie need. It is really dangerous for health and absolutely impossible to lose weight. Ready meals may contain a great amount of sugar, so they not only promote extra weight but they are also harmful to the body.


Any fried food can also prevent your weight loss. Fried potato is high calorie and contains starch, thus you easily gain weight. Also try to avoid such starches as white rice, cornmeal, and potato chips, of course. Nevertheless, starch still is better food choice than simple sugars and fat, because it provides the fuel to your body, while sugars immediately enter your blood and set your body into a dangerous blood-sugar level that causes fatigue.

Alcoholic drinks and soda contain a great amount and calories that stimulate an appetite. It is recommended to refuse from coffee and tea for benefit of a slim body, at least don't drink them very often and don't add sugar. Packaged juices the worst friend for weight loss. They are processed (this juice with low nutritional value) and loaded with sugar.

Meat, which are high in saturated fat: stewed beef, fried chicken, steaks, salami, bacon and so on. If you can't refuse from them, at least make some limitation, choose fish meat, it is not so calorie.

Sweetened cereal is low in fiber, high in sugar and heavily processed. Breakfast is a very vital meal of the day but it is better to avoid this and any cereal with high-fructose corn syrup.

When you buy mayonnaise and other sauces, remember the high amount of calorie in your favorite additions. Besides, they contain some microelements, which can be dangerous for your health. Use instead natural yogurt and law calorie cream.

Although nuts and seeds are high in fiber and essential minerals, they may become your problem in case of overeating. Let your serving size be a quarter of a cup per day to prevent weight gaining.

Sweets are very high in fat: candies, milk chocolate, different cookies and pies, all these incapable of making your body slim. Refined grains can also make you gain weight. Still, if you have a sweet tooth choose dark chocolate, honey, and low-calorie cookies.

The thing you must remember all the time is not your longing to have a slender body but also health, you can easily hurt it choosing wrong food.

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