Sugar and Your Health, Something You Should Know

Sugar and Your Health, Something You Should Know

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You can easily harm your health while intaking too much sugar, while people are trying to limit the sugar consuming, one is not so much aware of this food. You'll be seriously and greatly surprised when discovering something new about sugar.



The huge amount of researches tell that the amount of sugar in food is too big but till recently, no one took this into consideration. Thank God, nowadays, the government in most countries pays attention to this problem, which is the national obesity and first in the history it was put a certain limit according to the sugar portion in foods.



Sugar can make you stupid...aha...Most buyers think that fructose is a healthy alternative of refined sugar, still, the research in 2012 showed that a lasting diet with a constant fructose intaking decreases the ability to teaching and information storage. This negative influence of the foods with a high amount of fructose neutralizes the foods with the high amount of fatty acids omega-3, which is exactly salmon and linseed oil.

All children are in love with sweets and what is interesting that most parents think that sugar intake increases the kids' activity but the research, which was made in 1994, showed that this is nothing more but a nice story. What shocks is the fact that the parents observed the high kids activity, even when replaced sugar with placebo.

Here is one more interesting fact about sugar, most believe that brown sugar much healthier than refined one, people spend money, thinking that they are taking care of theirs health. This is another nice story. The difference between brown sugar and refined sugar is scarce can be seen. Brown sugar consists a little amount of molasses, which makes buyers be sure they do not lay out money.

Without any doubt molasses is full of calcium, potassium, and magnesium but, still, they are so few in brown sugar, that hardly can save you from extra calories.

Ok, here is something about bread... For most this is the daily food for breakfast, lunch and dinner but not everything so bright and shiny and all these because of the sugar, which is also added to the bread. The Daily Telegraph once published an article with the "confession" of bread producers, some of them avowed that added sugar in black bread. The reason is that black bread made of coarse ground flour, which brings bitterness, so when add sugar the flavor will become more pleasant.

One interesting fact according to sugar may become a great discovery for you if you have a little garden with flowers. Sprinkling sugar over the ground stimulates the progress of microelements necessary for flowers.

American researchers investigated a strong influence similarity between sugar and cocaine on man's body. The high amount of sugar intake and cocaine stir to activity the same brain areas. There are great chances to think that in future doctors will suggest sugar treatment method to cure drug addiction.

Wow, this is a lot of information... maybe all this is new for you but hopes that this article will really be helpful!

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