Tasty but Harmful Food

Tasty but Harmful Food

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Nowadays many people talk about healthy nutrition. Most of these people refuse to eat fat and hot food. Refuse to eat sweets, showing the preference for low-calorie food. But some of us go crazy when seen this delicious, appetizing, smelling good hamburgers, fancy cakes, and high-calorie salads.

Food selling is a real business. People make other people eat more. In our time there are so many different methods, that make people eat more, weight more and as a result, live less.

Everyone of us has his own list of favourite but harmful food. Some people can't imagine their life without ice-cream, popcorn, hotdogs, chips, mayonnaise, fat meat, and chocolate, of course. But what if our body needs it? You might have heard that chocolate and fat meat do have health-giving properties. What if your body needs pectin when you have a strong desire to eat marshmallow or fruit jelly? That is why any food may be healthy for our body.


Fast Food

In most cases everything that is concerned with fast food is harmful. It includes a great amount of cholesterol. Although, the quality of this food is much better than it was recently. For example, instead of crisp fast food restaurants will offer you a carrot stix.

Notice, that all doctors recommend keep our kids as far as possible from fast food. But you may let your kid eat fast food, for example, once at a month. This is a good limit for them. By the way, cook different food for your children, it is very vital for their health.


Sweets and Desserts

A certain amount of sweets per day can truly be useful for our body. Choose to stay healthy and slim, eat 30-40 g of chocolate per day. Marshmallow and fruit jelly mostly consist of carbs. Don't overeat them, 2-3 pieces per day, no more. Dried fruits are absolutely natural food. Notice, it is full of different vitamins, pectins, cellulose and antioxidant. It is natural and very healthy but at the same time, it concerns a high amount of calories. Experts advice is to eat prunes, dried apricots, dried apples or dried pears every day. 3 pieces of prunes and other dried fruits each day will help you to stay healthy and happy.


Fried Food and Mayonnaise

Everyone will agree that fried food is harmful to our health. Yes, it is tasty, there are so many various and delicious recipes to cook. Let me say something - cook it, enjoy it but, please, follow one rule - don't eat it too often. Fried food may cause serious problems with your liver, kidneys, and stomach. Mayonnaise and sauces can also damage your health and body. Follow rules and limits according to adding them to food. It will keep you from serious health problems.

Don't forget about different beverages that can also ruin your health. Alcoholic drinks, soda, beer have a great impact on your kidneys, liver, and heart. Be careful, don't let food destroy your health and life.

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