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Tea with Spices


10 min

Tea with Spices

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Drinks Tea


10 min


3 persons




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Author: Monica Feluchi

If you are looking for a recipe of a drink that will provide you with pleasant emotions and comfort during the whole year, tea with spices is right what you need! The drink is very easy to cook, but its taste will surprise you and your loved ones. Let’s learn how to cook it right now!  


  • water: 2 cup
  • milk: 1 cup
  • black tea: 1 Tbsp
  • cinnamon sticks: 1 piece (around 7.5 cm long)
  • black pepper: 4 piece
  • clove: 4 piece
  • dried cardamom: 4 piece
  • sugar: 4 tsp

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Stages of cooking

  1. Boil water, add black tea and leave the drink boiling on small fire for about 3 minutes.

    Tea with Spices Photo 2
  2. Add sugar and spices. Keep boiling for 5-10 minutes more, depending upon the strength of the tea you wish to get.

    Tea with Spices Photo 3
  3. Add milk and leave the drink on fire to let it get warm again.

    Tea with Spices Photo 4
  4. Strain the drink and serve it hot! Bon appétit!

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History of the Tea with Spices

Tea with spices, also known as "masala chai," is a popular drink in India and other countries in Asia. Its origins can be traced back to thousands of years ago, where it was believed to have been created by Ayurvedic healers as a herbal medicine to boost the immune system and aid digestion. Over time, various spices such as cinnamon, black pepper, clove, and cardamom were added to enhance the flavor and aroma of the drink. Today, tea with spices is enjoyed globally and has become a favorite comfort drink for many.

Tips and Tricks for Tea with Spices Recipe

To make the perfect cup of tea with spices, it is recommended to use whole spices rather than ground powders, as they will release their flavor and aroma much more effectively. You can experiment with the ratio of spices and adjust it based on your personal preference. For example, if you like the taste of cinnamon more, you can add more cinnamon. Lastly, make sure to use good quality tea leaves to achieve a rich and flavorful tea.

Tips for presenting the dish

When serving tea with spices, you can enhance the presentation by adding a cinnamon stick or a sprinkle of ground cinnamon on top. You can also serve it in a traditional tea cup and saucer set, or in a glass mug to show the beautiful color of the tea. Pair it with some Indian snacks such as samosas or pakoras to elevate the experience even further.

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