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Teriyaki Chicken with Vegetables


40 min

Teriyaki Chicken with Vegetables

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40 min


2 persons




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Author: Antonina Blum

The popularity of Japanese teriyaki sauce has long since left the borders of its homeland, and its sweetish-sour taste has become one of the most common in the world. Try to prepare home-made sauce with crispy chicken and vegetables.


  • chicken breasts: 600 g
  • zucchini: 1 piece
  • sweet yellow pepper: 1 piece
  • peanuts: 1 Tbsp
  • orange: 2 piece
  • garlic: 3 clove
  • soy sauce: 60 ml
  • hot pepper: 1 piece
  • white dry wine: 50 ml
  • lemon zest: 1 pinch
  • brown sugar: 3 Tbsp
  • olive oil: 2 Tbsp

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Stages of cooking

  1. Wash the chicken fillet, remove the veins and fat, cut into small cubes.

    Teriyaki Chicken with Vegetables Photo 2
  2. Sweet pepper and zucchini cut into pieces. Fillet, pepper and zucchini set aside for a while.

    Teriyaki Chicken with Vegetables Photo 3
  3. For teriyaki sauce: chop the garlic with a knife and fry for 2-3 minutes in olive oil in a thick bottom saucepan.

    Teriyaki Chicken with Vegetables Photo 4
  4. Add freshly squeezed orange juice.

    Teriyaki Chicken with Vegetables Photo 5
  5. Add soy sauce and white wine.

    Teriyaki Chicken with Vegetables Photo 6
  6. Add lemon zest and sugar.

    Teriyaki Chicken with Vegetables Photo 7
  7. Remove bones from chili pepper. Crumble and add to pan. Boil the sauce for 8-10 minutes on low heat. Then cool.

    Teriyaki Chicken with Vegetables Photo 8
  8. Marinate chicken fillet, sweet pepper and zucchini in a cooled teriyaki sauce. Leave in a cool place for at least 30 minutes, or better for a couple of hours.

    Teriyaki Chicken with Vegetables Photo 9
  9. Alternately put chicken, bell pepper and zucchini on skewers. Cook on high heat for 2-3 minutes on each side.

    Teriyaki Chicken with Vegetables Photo 10
  10. Serve with chopped peanuts and green onions!

    Teriyaki Chicken with Vegetables Photo 11

History of the Teriyaki Chicken with Vegetables:

Teriyaki sauce has a long history in Japanese cuisine and was originally used as a marinade for fish. Over time, the sauce has evolved to become a popular flavoring for chicken, beef, and vegetable dishes both in Japan and around the world.

Tips and Tricks for Teriyaki Chicken with Vegetables Recipe:

  • To create the perfect teriyaki sauce, make sure to use freshly squeezed orange juice and authentic Japanese soy sauce.
  • For extra flavor, add a pinch of lemon zest to the sauce.
  • Marinating the chicken, peppers, and zucchini in the teriyaki sauce for at least 30 minutes will help to infuse the dish with flavor.
  • Use skewers to cook the chicken and vegetables for an authentic Japanese touch.

Tips for presenting the dish:

  • When serving the Teriyaki Chicken with Vegetables, sprinkle chopped peanuts and green onions on top for an added crunch and fresh flavor.
  • Present the skewers on a platter with a side of rice and/or steamed vegetables to create a complete meal.
  • Garnish the plate with sliced oranges for an elegant and refreshing touch.

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