The Benefits of Essential Oils

The Benefits of Essential Oils

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Essential oils were made to bring harmony between inner and out things, between your body and mind. In the history the use of essential oils was basically bound with medicine, they served as treatment tools for skin problems and even remedies for cancer. Nowadays the popularity of essential oils is super high, because of the one thing, which is called aromatherapy.

In this article, you’ll find some interesting facts about different essential oils, so let’s start and the first oil, which benefits you gonna examine would be…



There are numerous benefits of this oil, its history goes back to the Old Egypt, it was very expensive, not everyone could afford it. The Bible tells about incense out of spikenard, in the Gospel of John Maria annoited the feets of Jesus with this oil. This oil was used by the kings and priests.


According to benefits, first should be menshioned the fact that it is used for treatment skin infections. Add several drops in the hot water and breath in, without any doubt this will bring you a great relief. It has the ability to calm nerves and is very helpful for people who suffer insomnia. Add a few drops of spikenard oil to your bath water to get rid of sweating.

Despite of its healthy properties, pregnant and nursing women should abstain from using this oil.



Thanks to its nice fragrance it is used in perfumes and deodorants but also it is well-known as a great remedy that can relieve from such unpleasant conditions as a cough, cold, acne, dry skin and so force.


This oil as well as the other essential oils can easily reduce the stress, calm and relax body and mind. Rosewood oil possesses antiseptic properties, thus it is an excellent treatment for wounds. Spread a dab of this oil over the cut, it will protect the cut from infections and will help to heal it faster.



Could you imagine that this oil has been in use more than 3000 years for nutritional and medicinal purposes. Red palm oil is a great antioxidant and contains carotenes, which transform fats into vitamin A, its consuming prevents blindness, weak bones and poor immunity.


What is vital, it is perfect for breastfeeding mothers, thus they can easily enrich theirs milk with vitamin A, it is neccessary for the development of children. Red palm oil also comprises vitamin E, which fights against free radicals, they are often the cause of some diseases, including cancer.


Besides, this oil is able to heal the old scars, including scars from acne and even stretch marks, it possesses also numerous benefits for hair and skin.



It is made out of pressed hemp seeds, it contains 20 aminoacids and it is very high in protein. Thanks to the abundance number of aminoacids, this oil cures cancer, intaking hempseed oil regularly by a patient has big chances to be healed.


Fatty acids that inhabit this oil are a perfect solution for skin problems, it nourishes and moisturizes skin, this oil will make your skin look young. Hempseed oil prevents acne, dry skin and psoriasis, washing hair with a shampoo that contains this oil will strengthen your hair, make it thicker and also keep the scalp healthy.



These are just several essential oils, which can improve your health, relieve the pain, cure and heal you inside and outside, hope you have found something new and helpful in this article.

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