The Best Essential Oils for Skin

The Best Essential Oils for Skin

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If you wanna have perfect skin, essential oils can be very helpful, they possess numerous healing properties, each complete one another, so choose your best type of essential oils, apply and stay beautiful.

Essential oil can help you to achieve balance between dry and oily skin, here you’ll find something about different oils that can make your skin flawless, reed carefully.


All essential oils are made by distilling the leaves, stem, root or flower of a plant, mostly all of them are clear but sometimes they have colour either yellow or amber. All essential oils are very concentrated, that is why the vital thing in using these oils is diluting. This is exactly the making these oils out of plants makes them able to bring physical and psychological benefits.


The best way to heal, nourish and even rejuvenate damaged skin is to apply essential oil.




Lavender oil is the most popular oil for skin treatment, it can be used without diluting, it is abundant in powerful and gently properties, that is why lavender oil is so nice and general.


There is no any contraindication to pregnant and children, so it is safe for both and even more lavender oil is able to clear the skin from flaws, it can be used by people with dry skin, sensitive skin and oily skin.




This geranium oil is something amazing, this is a perfect natural tool for wrinkled and sensitive skin. This oil also possesses anti-inflamatory properties, thus it is absolutely helpful for oily and dry skin.

The constant usage of geranium oil will bring shining glow to your skin and also improve blood circulation.




Since clary sage oil has anti-inflammatory properties, it is very helpful for those who suffer acne, ulcers and boils.

It contains a number of natural products, such as pinene, phellandrene, myrcene, sclareol, and linalool.




This oil influences positively on your inside and outside. It can cure you from acne and skin infections, sandalwood oil is a perfect antibacterial agent, it relieves stress and depression, can help you in case of bronchitis and leucorrhea.


The diluted sandalwood oil can soften your skin.




According to its antiseptic properties, tea tree oil is very often added to different skin care products. This oil works perfectly on pimples, it reduces them within a short time.




1. Essential oil are very concentrated, so use them only diluted.

2. Before using essential oil, first check whether it is suits your skin, take one drop of undiluted oil on the inner side of the elbow. Wait one day to see any reaction, if there is a reaction, stop using this oil.

3. In case of asthma or any other disease consult the doctor before using essential oil. Do the same in case of pregnancy.

4. Use essential oil in very small quantities.

5. Store essential oils in a safe place, make sure children can’t reach it.

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