The Role of Dairy Products in the Kids� Nutrition

The Role of Dairy Products in the Kids� Nutrition

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It is not a secret that regular consumption of dairy products is essential, especially when it comes to children of different ages. However, not all kids like these products and dishes cooked of them, so parents often have to use different ideas that will help them cook dishes, which will be healthy and appeal to their children. At the same time, it makes sense to inform your children about the use of dairy products, because if they realize their importance, they will be eager to eat the dishes you will cook for them.

What Makes Dairy Products Essential?

Children grow up very quickly and there are periods when their bodies need extra support and more nutrients to develop and function properly. Doctors all over the world underline the necessity of using all kinds of products when cooking dishes for kids. Dairy products are not an exception. The fact is that they are a vital source of calcium, vitamins, and minerals that contribute to the growth of the bone system, functioning of the digestive tract and the strengthening of the immune system in general.

Let’s take milk, for example. This product, which is familiar to each of us since childhood, contains over 100 versatile components, including proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and biologically active ingredients, which are well-balanced and are properly digested by the child’s organism. Proteins contained in milk involve all the indispensable amino acids and may satisfy up to 30% of daily need of a child’s organism in this component. Carbohydrates are mainly represented by lactose, which serves the nutritional basis for the upgrowth of the useful bacteria in the intestine. Experts have found out that over 90% of daily need of kids’ bodies in calcium and vitamin B2 may be covered by dairy products.

What Dairy Products Are Indispensable in the Kids’ Menu?

There are lots of delicious dairy products that are manufactured on the basis of milk. These include sour-milk drinks, butter, cream, cheese, cottage cheese, sour crème, yogurt and what not. Some children like these products, while others don’t, so you have to try your best effort to cook those dishes your child will eat with pleasure.

What you should also know is that all dairy products are manufactured with the addition of probiotics and other natural additives that trigger the fermentation of milk and give it more healthy properties that also improve the health condition. That is why dairy products should constitute an important part of your kid’s menu. Fortunately, there are myriads of dishes you can cook using them today!

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