The Ways to Store Honey Effectively

The Ways to Store Honey Effectively

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All people, irrespective of their age, lack natural substances, vitamins, and microelements in the inter-season period. That is why it is so important to consume as many healthy products as possible. Honey is one of the products, which is rightfully considered the main source of nutritional elements one cannot find in many other products. However, if you wish to preserve all the natural properties of honey, it makes sense to find out how to store it properly.

Does Honey Have Expiration Date?

Bee products have the benefit to preserve natural properties for quite a long period of time. This is because it is not easy for bacteria to spread in the products that are rich in vitamins. This peculiarity especially concerns bee combs and honey – two products, which enjoy popularity with the customers most of all. Regardless of the popularity of these products, customers often inquire about their expiration date. And it is no wonder because many people don’t like to consume much honey on a daily basis, but still wish to keep these products at hand. What you should know is that honey products, which are stored at home, have the ability to preserve their natural properties for dozens of years, if stored properly.

Honey that is contained in the bee combs, may be stored for about a year without any crystallization. This is true, though, if the humidity in the room is below 60%. Otherwise, the product may be spoiled. In case the humidity is too low, then it may be covered with mold. It is also recommended to keep it away from vegetables, fruits and other products that are spoiled too quickly. The optimal storage temperature constitutes 3-10 degrees above zero.
To make honey preserve its natural properties, it should be stored in a ceramic, nickel-plated or enameled ware. An ideal option is a cookware made of dark glass that comes with a reliable lid. It is also very convenient to store honey in wooden barrels, avoiding those made of the softwood or oak. Otherwise, the product may soak the aroma of the wood and may even get darker with the lapse of time. So, if you have much honey to store, take your time to find ceramic, nickel-plated or enameled ware mentioned above. By the way, it is not recommended to leave the honey in the iron, zink or copperware, because their combination with honey may have a negative effect upon your health.

What Temperature Works Best?

If you are going to keep honey at home for a long time, it is not desirable to store it in the indoor temperature that exceeds 20 degrees. Otherwise, it can spoil and lose the prevailing amount of its vitamins and microelements. When the temperature is below 0, the honey will start crystallizing, but it will still preserve the natural properties. The best temperature to store honey ranges from 6 degrees below zero and up to 20 degrees above zero. Under these temperatures, your honey will preserve the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients but do not forget to keep the temperature at the same level.

It is also desirable to keep bee products away from the direct sunlight and store it in those places, where the humidity levels are not that high. Furthermore, keep your honey away from the products with the sharp smells, because it can soak the aroma and lose its original flavor. May your honey taste great!


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