Top 5 Health Threatening Food Products for Kids

Top 5 Health Threatening Food Products for Kids

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Do you control the nutrition of your child? If so, then you are one of those conscientious parents, who are not indifferent to the health condition of a kid. Meanwhile, the number of parents, who do not care about the quality of food their children consume is impressive as well and it still keeps growing nowadays. Listed below are five food products that are considered the most dangerous for a kid’s health.


Fancy Bread


Do you think that the most health-threatening food products are potato chips? No, that’s not right! Experts have proven that fancy bread has much more negative effects upon the health of a child. All those muffins, buns, waffles, cakes, sweet rolls and other products of this type can do more harm to the health of a child due to the high content of fats, modified starch, margarine of low quality and other harmful ingredients. It is ok to consume these products from time to time, but if you buy them on a regular basis, the health of your son or daughter may be at risk.


Semi-Manufactured Food


What you should know is that all semi-manufactured food products that are available on sale these days contain harmful additives. Otherwise, their storage time would be much lower than it really is. Nutrition experts recommend minimizing the number of such products in the daily ration of your children to prevent unwanted consequences.


Smoked Products


It is strictly forbidden to feed kids with smoked products, including meat, fish, bacon, cheese and what not. There are no healthy nutrients in them, while the amount of additives is so high that they will surely trigger gastrointestinal disorders in case of regular consumption.




One of the major problems observed in contemporary food products is a high content of the refined sugar. The daily norm of sugar a person is allowed to consume constitutes around 25-30 grams. This equals 3-5 teaspoons of sugar, jam or chocolate. The more sugar you consume, the more health problems you may face in the nearest future. The same is about your kids, who are even more subjected to these health disorders.




Nutrition experts keep reminding that it is better to eat a fruit than to drink a glass of fresh juice, not to mention those juices that are available in supermarkets nowadays. A person needs around 400 grams of fiber every day. This fiber is contained in fruit and vegetables. If you drink juice without eating the product itself, your body will not get the required amount of fiber, while the amount of sugar, which is too high in the juices, will negatively affect your body. The same is true when it comes to your children, who like juices a lot. Moreover, regular consumption of juices may eventually result in diabetes. 


Do you wish your kids to be healthy and strong? If so, then try to avoid feeding them with the products mentioned above or reduce their amount to the minimum. 

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