Top 5 Spring Products and Vegetables

Top 5  Spring Products and Vegetables

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We must admit that spring is the most beneficial and expected season. People wait for it with some special awe and hope. Spring is the season when nature returns to life, the sun shines brighter and warmer and birds sing tenderly and softly.

However, there is another side of the coin and it is called spring vitamin deficiency. It causes fatigue and sleepiness. The complexion of your skin and hair leaves much to be desired too. The right way to cope with this problem is balanced supply. It will help you to fill your body with all the necessary components in balanced proportion. Now let us view some of the most useful vegetables and other products that really can promote your health.

Citrus plants

Among other citrus plants, doctors highlight lemons not only because they are full of vitamin C, but this citrus also has a great impact on the whole body. Lemons help your body to get rid of toxins and slags. By the way, lemons contain vitamin P, that is rare to come across. The glass of mineral water with lemon juice in the morning will guarantee a great beginning of the day. It can improve your metabolism and strengthen your organism. This is just a matter of habit.


Cabbage is full of nutrients and rich in vitamins C, U, P, K, E.  It doesn't lose its properties even after long storage. Cabbage also contains cellulose which reduces the feeling of hunger. Besides, anti-oxidant, which "inhabit" this vegetable, purge body and prevent premature aging of skin cells.


This gift of spring has a lot of vitamins, it helps to get rid of insomnia and makes you being in good mood! Make sorrel one of your daily foodstuff and you will forget about problems with blood pressure, alimentary canal, and liver. You may add sorrel to first courses, salads, and dressings.


This root vegetable rich in vitamin C and B. Potassium, which is the part of the reddish, will take care of your heart and vessels. Have you heard that reddish even contains unique substances? Volatile production is a natural antibiotic which safely lives in this beautiful vegetable. So, now you know what to do to have a protection of cold.


Tomato is a unique vegetable, which is not only beautiful and tasty but also health-giving. Lycopene - this is what makes tomato so valuable for our body. It normalizes appetite, strengthens vessels and makes digestion more active.

Don't forget about fresh juices and compotes! They will fill you with vivacity and cheerfulness.

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