Traveling by Train: Safe Dishes for Your Child in a Trip

Traveling by Train: Safe Dishes for Your Child in a Trip

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Summer is the best time for traveling and visiting new places you have never seen before. When you travel on your own, you have to take care about your personal needs and preferences only. However, when you travel with children, the trip becomes a real challenge, because you don’t have to take along the most essential baby accessories you will need in a trip, but, what matters most, you will have to take care of your kids’ menu. So, if you travel in a train and the trip is going to be long, you have to be puzzled with what dishes to cook and take along to make the trip safe and comfortable both for you and your kids.


Who knows better than you what your child likes and dislikes? Who is aware of all those eating habits he/she has and the health problems associated with the food intake? These questions should give you the understanding of the fact that it is you, who is responsible for the kids’ menu and the products you will take into the train?


If Your Kid Is Still a Baby…


Actually, everything is quite simple here. The choice of the menu to be eaten in a train should depend not only upon the eating habits of your kid, but on his/her age. If a child eats special kids menu, consisting of canned dishes, juices, cereals or even breast milk, then you won’t have any troubles choosing the menu.  Having opened the can or prepared the cereal, don’t leave the rest of the food if a kid has not eaten all you have prepared! When traveling, it does not make any sense to store food in advance. Everything should be fresh and safe for your child’s health! Keep that in mind!  


What about Elder Children?


What if your kid is more than three years old? What dishes is it better to take along in this case? Again, you can offer your kid or daughter dry cereals and take milk or dry milk along to cook it. Apart from that, vegetable and fruit purees as well as bakes meat will be a great solution as well! This is not to mention biscuits, waffles, candies, fresh fruit and other tasty products all children enjoy and eat with pleasure. They especially enjoy popularity in trains and other kids of transport when traveling. Just make sure the biscuits do not contain cream at all and, thus, are safe for everyone!


When a train stops at one of the stations, never buy anything there, even if it looks appetizing and your child asks you to buy the product. Do not forget that harmful microorganisms spread very fast, especially in hot summer weather. May your trip be safe and full of pleasant memories that will last for a lifetime!

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