Using Spices When Cooking Chicken Dishes

Using Spices When Cooking Chicken Dishes

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Many people like dishes cooked of chicken, because they are very delicious and do not have any negative effect upon the digestive system of a person. There are plenty of chicken dishes you can cook nowadays, but there is one thing you should not overlook to make each dinner unforgettable. Just try adding spices to make sure your chicken tastes really amazing! What spices work best when combines with chicken? Read on to find that out!




If you wish to give your chicken dish exotic taste, balm is the best variant! It is said to improve mood and functioning of gastrointestinal tract, has anti-bacterial and antipyretic properties and helps get rid of headache. When combined with chicken meat, balm gives it a bit sour taste and makes it very juicy.




To start with, loveage is a powerful aphrodisiac. So, if you are planning a romantic dinner, do not forget about this ingredient! The taste and aroma of the plant are a bit similar to celery leaves, but they are not so intense.  Loveage is also known for its diuretic properties and helps get rid of toxic substances in a body, bloating and diarrhea.




Amaranth is a perfect solution for people, who follow the gluten-free diet. It has a low glycemic index and is rich in fiber, calcium and group B vitamins, which are responsible for proper functioning of human nervous system. Amaranth allows you sustain the required level of sugar in blood and improves the metabolism.




Chicken marinated with mint is a perfect idea for any dinner! The dish cooked of this product will come with refreshing taste, especially if cooked on a grill on a hot summer day. It helps get rid of stomach discomfort, nausea and bloating. Due to the intense aroma, it can make any chicken dish the highlight of your festive table!




Chicken with thyme will impress even the most demanding guests – so fantastic the dish is! Thyme can also contribute to proper health condition, helping get rid of skin problems, respiratory tract disorders, arthritis pains and symptoms of some gastrointestinal diseases. There are lots of recipes of chicken cooked with thyme and other spices described above, so why not give it a try?

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