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Vegan Apricot Truffles

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20 min


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Author: Monica Feluchi

These vegan apricot truffles look very tempting and they taste so as well! If you are looking for a perfect dessert for your kids, then you will hardly find something better than this one! It is healthy, nutritious and very delicious!



  • almond : 0.5 cup (or raw cashew)
  • orange : 1 piece
  • dried apricots : 1 cup
  • shredded coconut : 1 cup

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Stages of cooking

  1. Start with grinding the nuts. Process one cup of raw nuts in a blender and put the powder you have got into a deep bowl.

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  2. Repeat the same procedure with the dried apricots. They should be chopped well.

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  3. Take one large orange and grate zest from it. Then squeeze orange juice.

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  4. Mix shredded coconut, orange zest and two tablespoons of orange juice in a blender and process the ingredients together to get smooth mixture.

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  5. Combine the mixture with ground nuts in a bowl and mix everything well once again.

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  6. Finally, give your truffles traditional ball-like shape. Store them in a fridge. Enjoy!

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