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Vegetarian Pilaf

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40 min


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Author: Monica Feluchi

We have already got used to the fact that pilaf is cooked with meat. However, vegetarians have made up their own recipe, which is even tastier as compared to the classic one. Take your time to choose the required ingredients and hurry up to cook the dish!


  • brown rice : 1 cup
  • onion : 1 piece
  • carrots : 1 piece
  • spices : 1 tsp (you can use any spices for pilaf you prefer)
  • cranberry : 10 g
  • garlic : 1 piece
  • nuts : 30 g (you can take any nuts you have at home or you can use sunflower seeds, which also taste great)
  • corn : 50 g (frozen)
  • peas : 50 g (frozen)

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Stages of cooking

  1. Wash the rice 5 or 6 times and leave it in water for 30 minutes

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  2. Wash, peel and chop onion and carrot

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  3. Take a deep pot and fry the chopped vegetables.  Add water, spices, corn and peas

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  4. Add more water and rice. Stir the dish. Wait until it boils and cook for about 30 minutes more

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  5. As soon as your vegetable pilaf is ready, add garlic, divide it into the cloves and stick into the dish. Add cranberries, nuts and stew for about 15 minutes more. That’s it! The pilaf is now ready! Enjoy the dish!

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