What is Demodicosis and how to Treat It

What is Demodicosis and how to Treat It

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Demodicosis is one of the main skin problems, nowadays, it was mostly known as a conditional-pathogenic parasite in dogs but now it is found in human, it mostly affects teenagers and causes the acne.

Researchers have found that more than 96% of all humans face this problem, this number shocks, still, doctors highlight that hard and lasting treating will lead to the desired result.
Demodex mite is too small and thrives in hair follicles, oil-bags, and oil-glands, though mites are small, they are friendly only in case they are found one or two-three in one hair follicle, if there is a greater number, be sure, you should start to worry and take all the necessary steps to prevent great health problem.



The first and the main reason for this disease is weak immunity when your body is lack of vitamins and active minerals.

Another reason is stress, which is the best friend of demodicosis. When you are nervous and going through a difficult period, your body draws this Demodex mite, which is killing for your skin.

Use only your own tools for make-up, otherwise, you’ll turn your healthy skin into a big problem.

Thermal procedure attracts Demodex mite greatly, cause it likes warmth.

Unwholesome food serves a good reason for reproduction this disease, so watch your daily food intake to stay healthy.

The symptoms of Demodex are mainly seen on eyelids, the mite causes thickening, itch, scaling of the skin on the eyelids and conjunctivitis. Talking about skin symptoms should be mentioned that skin becomes rough, dry and scaly, the skin around the mouth becomes dry, red and rough. These are the main and more frequent symptoms, which are caused by this mite.



First, let’s talk about home treatment and this is what you need to do:

Wash properly hair and eyelashes with shampoo every day.

Cleanse the face at least twice per day with special cleansing tools.

Avoid facial creams and make-up that contain oil. Get rid of old makeup.

Watch that bed linen must be clean and fresh, change it frequently.



To the medications that are really helpful in this case, first belong tea tree oil, which is used to heal cuts and burns. It is an absolutely effective treatment for demodicosis, it is effective antiseptic and available in every health store.

Lysol is another effective cure method, it is a combination of cresols and soft soap, which is able to kill Demodex mite.

Sulfur works excellent in destroying this mite, first, it removes itch and stops inflammation but be aware of the proper using this tool, follow the instruction.

Rub affected areas with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol twice a day for 2 or 3 weeks. Before doing this, clean your face with tea tree oil or wash it and dry with clean towel.

All these methods are really effective but best of all to consult with a doctor and then start a cure. Take care of your health! 

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