What You Need to Know about Depression

What You Need to Know about Depression

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Most concider that depression is an illness, feeling hopeless, feeling sad this is what depression. Many of you face sometimes occasional feelings of grief and sadness or very law energy but that all are absolutely different from depression, which is common but actually and seriously a dangerous illness, it is intercrosses with your daily routine and life, relationships with family members and friends, caring for your kids, domestic work, studying or working. 





Important that the symptoms in different people are also different, read carefully this list, if you have some of these symptoms, consult the doctor, probably you need some treatment.

A person who deppressed may…:


feel sad or anxious


feel restless


feel that life is hopeless


feel fear


feel loneless


feel tired all the time


have thoughts of death


have problems with concentrating and remembering details


experience aches and pains in his body





Experts and doctors say that depression most likely to start in people who are in their mid-twenties but the life shows that depression can affect almost everyone, men and women, children and teenagers, so these are people of all ages.

Still, depression is most common not in men but in women, especially those who divorced or lonely or separated.


It is different in different people and even in the same person but there is a treatmant that can help to recover and feel better inside and outside.





There is no any obvious reason of depression but there are a combination of some things that can cause it: depression may become an inheritance from your parents or grandparents, the research showes that there is a certain type of depression that may run in a family; brain structure may become one of the reason why depression occur, when neurotransmitters are not at the right levels; stressful events such as difficult relationships in the family, the lost of a beloved one and other such things can easily trigger depression.





Depression can be treated either by counseling or by medication or by using these both. The first thing for you to do is consulting your doctor, who will decide whether your symptoms are connected with depression. Depending on the symptoms, your doctor may start you on an antidepressant medication and refer you to a mental health professional.

In case you have thoughts about death or harming yourself, you will be hospitalized to start treatment.

Psychoterapy or talk therapy is able to help everyone with depression, it is helpful for mild and moderate depression, still it may not be enough, so to combine the medicine and psychoterapy may be a right choice for you.

Medications are used to bring balance with chemicals in the brain, they affect differently different people.


Antidepressant may cause different side-effects, if there is even one of them, tell immediately about it your doctor, among wide spreaded side effects are these:




insomnia and nervousness


dry mouth


sexual problems


blurred vision


Researches showed that antidepressant may have serious side effects especially in young people but in any case don’t worry, don’t afraid to consult the doctor, to talk with your friends about your problem, you suraly will find the solution.

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