Why are You Feeling Hot from Anxiety?

Why are You Feeling Hot from Anxiety?

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Anxiety is usually a negative state of mind in response to stress or trouble, since that there are two types of anxiety: normal and disorder anxiety. Normal anxiety is the feeling of jitter in the body, which can last only several hours or minutes, this usually happens when a person faces such situations as exams, interviews, break-ups.

Disorder anxiety happens when the symptoms become strict, they cause interruptions to your daily activity and even relationship with other people.


Anxiety raises your body heat, so one of its symptoms is feeling hot, it may happen to you everywhere, so it is rather miserably.




In many cases feeling hot means nothing but anxiety, though it looks like getting sick. The heat in your body rises because of the fight system in your body, it is very useful by the way. When you confront some danger, this heat helps your body to start fighting by preparing to this situation.


Another thing that may happen to you is anxiety disorder, the first sign of it is the rise of your body temperature or “hot flesh”. It is absolutely normal when your body heat rises but only in dangerous or stressful situation, when your body heat rises and there is no objective reason of its happening, something is wrong. Basically it means that you have problems with controlling anxiety.


There are different causes of this problem being, mainly connected with body or your stresses or anxiety attacks.




Ok, here is the reason of your body heat rise: this is vasoconstriction, thanks to fight system, when you are in danger, your body prioritizes the blood flow during this dangerous situation. Your body heat rises, when your blood vessels are constricted, as a result in case you suffer from anxiety, eventually you experience the same temperature rise of your body as if you are in some dangerous situation.

It doesn’t sound pleasant but all these are normal for intense anxiety.




This feeling hot brings destroying things in your life, for example during the night time, hardly you will get some rest, when your body is too warm and the sheet are drenched. During the day you may feel uncomfortable almost everywhere that you go, some people will even judge you for that constant anxiety and hot flesh.


It is not far so easy to stop feeling hot, it will happen only in case of getting rid of anxiety but you may control how much the symptoms affect you, just follow these:


1. Sleep in cooler rooms, this will easily adjust your body temperature and you will sleep well. Prepare several thinner blankets and sheets, so you will add or remove them if you are feeling hot or cold.

2. Get up if you can’t sleep, have some inner rest from this stress that provokes you to feel hot. Understand this, when you feel hot, you start worring about it, so the heat rises more.

3. Write out your frightfull thougts while you experience anxiety, thus your brain and body will get rest.


These are actually simple and you do not have spare money to help yourself cope with this problem, still you must find the way to reduce the anxiety. There are some treatment options that include therapy, exercises and medications. But everyone will react differentely on each method, cause there are different causes of anxiety.


Don’t panic if you have symptoms of anxiety, find the cause and start treatment.

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