Why Children Like Sweeties

Why Children Like Sweeties

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All kids are crazy about sweeties. Actually, it goes without saying that all children are ready to eat sweet and delicious products at any time of the day. The elder they become, the less this addiction is, but there are still many adults, who like sweeties as much as kids do. This, however, happens not that often, so the experts have decided to analyze this “sweet” addiction and explore the factors that are behind it. So, what are the reasons for the fact that children like sweeties so much?


Scientists believe that babies taste sweet products when their mothers are still pregnant. When a pregnant woman eats something sweet, the amniotic fluid becomes sweet as well, so a baby can taste it and feel the difference right from the start. This is how a baby gets used to the sweet taste even before he/she is born.


According to the reports of the experts, the very first product a child tastes after the birth is also sweet. The product we are talking about is breast milk, which is rich in lactose and tastes sweet because of that. The same ingredient is contained in infant formulas produced for those babies, who cannot eat breast milk for some reason. So, what is the sense to wonder why kids adore sweet products?


As a child grows up, he/she starts tasting other products. The majority of parents start cooking fruit juices and purees for them, thus increasing their “sweet” addiction. But that’s not it! All those cereals, yogurts and other baby products also contain sugar, which simplifies the process of getting used to new products and dishes.


American scientists, by the way, admit that there is nothing bad about the fact that children like sweeties. This is because they grow up very quickly and their bodies need glucose to develop and function as required. The more active a child is, the more addictive to sweeties he/she will be. These processes are interconnected and interrelated, but you should still know that everything has its limits. If your kid eats sweet dishes for breakfast, dinner, and supper, then this will hardly affect his/her body in a positive way. So, try to keep an eye on how much sweets and cookies your child eats during a day.


By the way, when a child feels blue, try to offer your son or daughter something sweet. In less than no time, his/her mood will notably increase! This is because sweeties help produce the “happiness hormone” that is called serotonin, which has an ability to improve a bad mood. Regardless of the fact, it is parents who are responsible for the consumption of sweeties by their kids. If you wish, you may inquire about a daily norm of sweets and other delicious things for your kid depending upon his/her age and health condition. This will definitely be a reasonable and smart decision!

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