Why You Should Not Wash Chicken Before Cooking It

Why You Should Not Wash Chicken Before Cooking It

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Chicken dishes are always very delicious, unusual and easy to cook. Generally, the time needed to cook the dish made of chicken depends upon the type of the dish you are going to cook. Many housewives can boast their own secrets of cooking chicken. What some of them do not take into consideration, though, is the way the product should be prepared for the cooking.

It seems quite reasonable to wash the product before cooking it. This, however, does not concern chicken and you should keep that in mind. Do you wish to find out why you should not wash chicken before cooking it? Keep reading the article to find out a good answer to this question below.

Why It Is Not Recommended to Wash the Chicken Before Cooking It

When you wash the chicken before cooking dishes of it, you and your family run a risk of food poisoning. The fact is that when the water spreads around the product, it contributes to the spread of bacteria around the kitchen. This is what one of the experts, tell about the problem: “Modern housewives know lots of secrets of cooking dishes, which are extremely delicious, but they also make many mistakes – the ones their mothers and grandmothers did in the past. What they do is wash the chicken before cooking it. Some of them even dry the product with a towel. This is a huge mistake that should be omitted”. The expert underlines that during the process of washing, the bacteria contained on the surface of the chicken, spread around the kitchen, thus contaminating other surfaces, including sinks, taps, kitchenware, cutting boards, your hands and even food you are right about to cook. As a result, this increases the risk of food poisoning.

According to the recent Newspoll research, 98% of women do not wash chicken only. They also wash other poultry before cooking. The experts believe that this fact may be the major cause of the spread of the campylobacter infection and salmonellosis throughout the lest recent years. Meanwhile, these infections are quite dangerous and health threatening, because they frequently trigger food poisoning.

What Is the Way Out?

Is there any way out of this situation? What measures should housewives undertake to avoid the problems mentioned above? Anyway, it is impossible to leave the poultry just as it is and cook it without any preliminary preparation. According to the opinion of the experts, the best way to cook high quality, healthy and nutritious poultry is to practice thermal conditioning, which kills the bacteria and makes chicken and other poultry safe for the members of your family.

To start with, you should remove the excess moisture from the chicken with a paper towel. Try to use clean bowls and cutting boards only and wash them properly after the chicken is ready. Make sure the sauce or moisture from the fresh chicken does not get into other dishes that are being cooked. Poultry generally undergoes thermal conditioning at 75 degrees, so it is better to use a thermometer to watch the cooking process. As soon as it is ready for further cooking, you are welcome to continue the process! Good luck!


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