Widespread Mistakes in Kids� Nutrition

Widespread Mistakes in Kids� Nutrition

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Kids’ nutrition is not the way it used to be even 10 or 20 years ago. As time goes by, eating habits of children keep changing as well. What’s more, introduction of new dishes affects the situation as well, because not all the foods that are popular these days are really healthy and nutritious. As a result, children start eating those products their parents did not even known about when they were little and some of these products may pose danger to a health of a kid. Meanwhile, many parents are concerned with this issue nowadays and wish to improve the quality of nutrition their children get. Let us find out the most widespread mistakes of kids’ nutrition now.

1. Absence of the “Border” between Kids’ and Adult Food

Many parents wish to offer their children adult food as soon as they start eating versatile food products. They tend to make their children aware of how “adult food” tastes, because they like the way it tastes themselves. It is not a secret, however, that this food frequently contains too much sugar, salt, spices, allergy triggering substances and other food additives that pose serious danger to kids’ health.

2. Too Much Pressure

Those parents, who try to follow all the recommendations of doctors, often divide food products into useful and harmful. Having done so, they believe that eating too much healthy products is impossible and start offering children these foods, even if a child is not hungry or doesn’t like these products for some reason. Do not forget that tastes differ and if your son or daughter doesn’t like a product, there is no sense in forcing him/her to eat it, no matter how tasty or healthy it is. Just try to make sure the menu of your kid is well-balanced and involves all types of products a child needs.

3. Regime

Speaking about the regime, we should mention that even food specialists have different opinions about it, not to mention the parents. Some experts underline that a child should get 3 main meals during a day, while others point out that 5-6 small meals during a day will be enough to help a kid’s gastrointestinal system digest food. There is also an opinion that parents should feed children when they are really hungry, but not when the time for meals comes. It is up to you to stick to any of these opinions or make your own decision as to what regime to choose. The only thing is that the menu of your kid should be healthy and well-balanced. This is what really matters.

These three aspects of kids’ nutrition are really worth your attention. If you wish your child to be healthy, make sure he/she gets nutritious and healthy meals every day.


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