Your Diet Is the Mirror of Your Health and Well-Being

Your Diet Is the Mirror of Your Health and Well-Being

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   Food is an increasingly hot subject, as it occupies a good share of media space and continues to win our attention.

Healthy Diet Is #1 Issue

There is no channel not providing at least a tiny swath of media space for a food-related program. There are lots of recipes here as everyone seems to be looking for healthy recipes for weight loss and a cure-all diet. Over the past few years, we have grown scrupulous about food ingredients like never before. This appears to be a good thing given the poor general ecology and break-a-neck pace of life. Not so bad, as health and lifestyle have become buzzwords around the globe.

Professional culinary gurus and countless home-dwelling mommy bloggers are getting increasingly creative and eager to share their ideas concerning healthy food recipes. Happily, high-quality food has become the craze of these days, and there is always room for improvement.


   This is all so great but for the lack of time and strength for many of us to be that picky!

How Is It Going Now?


The UNO and FAO (the Food and Agriculture Organization) surveys have shown that one out of every nine (around 795 million) people do not get proper nutrition, end up with serious health issues and face the prospect of premature death. This is more typical of the developing world, where poverty is still far from being defeated and healthy food is not quite so available. About 98% of developing nations’ population have to face these problems and are seriously affected by the issue.

Therefore, healthy food recipes should be made available to people from all nations and walks of life. Things are not perfect in developed economies either, as there are large groups of poor people not being rich enough to afford a veal recipe. This is more of a global problem.

The superfood thing seems like a hasty attempt to find a solution. However, the result is doubtful. Instead, it is necessary to look for and/or come up with a worthwhile food pattern to satisfy our physiological and aesthetic needs.


Healthy Nutrition

Food is something that no living creature can do without. A car motor’s life directly depends on the quality of gas you pour into the gas tank. When choosing a healthy food recipe, one must think a lot about the whole array of ingredients it contains and properties: proteins, amino acids, fats, carbohydrates, calories, and proportions. There are tons of food types and, apart from the nutrients mentioned above, they contain vitamins, minerals, and other natural substances (phytonutrients), without which the human body would not be able to function properly.


   Some elements of food (like fiber) are not digested but they do play a crucial role in keeping us healthy.


Chemical composition has been in the spotlight of the world’s science since the very beginning, and it is still infinitely far from being fully studied. However, there have been quite a number of discoveries, which have helped us understand how food chemicals break down and affect the human body. This is the first thing to be taken into account when developing healthy food recipes (for food gurus) and finding the right type of food (for us).


Do Not Isolate Nutrients


Healthy eating is not just about consuming nutrients that are said to be part of a particular product. Food is a kind of a medium for these ingredients, and it makes up a kind of food matrix. Within the matrix, all micronutrients interact in a specific pattern. This guarantees effective digestion and absorption. Actually, it is what a healthy food recipe is all about. If a group of pure nutrients (for example, combined in a pill) gets into the body, it is an unusual situation. They will not interact and, therefore, cannot be absorbed properly and, if taken in this fashion, will do more harm than good.


   To keep our bodies natural, we should provide them with nutrients in a natural way.


Iron is one of the brightest examples. It is contained in a number of products, which we take on a daily basis. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in the production of hemoglobin and myoglobin, which distribute oxygen around the internal organs and muscles.

However, taking pure inorganic iron will not be a good idea, because the body is simply not trained to digest iron in this form. If taken in this form, it can cause severe digestive problems (nausea, vomiting, gut ulceration, constipation, etc.) The healthiest type of iron is the one that is naturally bound to proteins and absorbed as part of the food matrix. This is the only way for the element to integrate into the body system and be a construction material for it.


   Red meat is a natural source of heme iron, and having it on the menu is the best way to maintain the right iron balance in the body.


It is imperative that the body consumes nutrients in healthy proportions. This creates a basis for quick and effective absorption. For example, the absorption of iron speeds up when iron-rich foods are taken along with those containing Vitamin C. Vice versa, foods, which contain a lot of fiber and phylates, slow down the absorption of iron. Factors like this must be regarded with due attention when preparing and/or choosing healthy food recipes and, particularly, veal recipes.

Choose the Right Dietary Pattern

Because every food contains its own palette of nutrients, combining different types of food is something that matters a lot. It takes tons of expertise to understand how food influences the body and how different the combinations of nutrients influence each other within the body.
In its turn, it still leaves scientists wondering: are these influences observed in all people or do they depend on individual physical characteristics? This is what makes the choice of the right type of food very difficult.

Healthy Diets: Mediterranean

The Mediterranean diet is believed to be very healthy. However, in terms of quality, it is not eponymous to the region adjacent to the Mediterranean. This is about its traditional predecessor, which was in use until the 1950s (practiced in the Island of Crete). Unfortunately, today it is pretty much spoiled by not so healthy modern tendencies.
The good-old Mediterranean diet included fruits, veggies, cereals (whole-grain ones!), legumes, some amount of fish, cheese, yogurt, olive oil, and only a tiny bit of red meat. The only good type of alcohol was red wine, and it was allowed during meals only and in small amounts.

What Is Healthy Eating?

It is a well-known fact that a diet is a part of treatment of nearly all possible conditions and disorders. Also, it is the most effective disease prevention tool. Just keep to healthy food recipes and follow some basic principles, such as:

  • Make your diet as diverse as possible and try to develop seasonal dieting patterns;
  • Do not be afraid to experiment and taste healthy foods that are new to you;
  • Buy seasonal products;
  • Discuss it with your friends and browse for healthy food recipes from time to time;
  • Take foods that contain flour;
  • Do not hesitate to share your ideas with others and/or try someone else’s patterns;
  • Choose a healthy feeding strategy and advise your beloved ones and children to join you;
  • Study the most renowned and effective medical practices relating to diet because they are very helpful in treating and preventing many serious diseases.

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