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Quick Whole Wheat Chapati


20 min

Quick Whole Wheat Chapati

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20 min


8 persons




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Author: Victoria Bailey
Chapati is an unleavened whole wheat bread that is eaten in India. We love to use it as a wrap.


  • whole wheat flour: 2.5 cups
  • salt: 0.75 tsp
  • water: 1 cup

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Stages of cooking

  1. Mix flour and salt together in a bowl. Stir in water to form a soft dough.
    Quick Whole Wheat Chapati Photo 2
  2. Turn dough out onto a lightly floured work surface and knead several times. Divide into 8 pieces and roll each into a ball. Roll each ball into a very thin round using a rolling pin.
    Quick Whole Wheat Chapati Photo 3
  3. Heat a griddle over medium-high heat. Cook each dough round on griddle until dough bubbles and blisters appear, about 2 minutes. Flip and cook until lightly browned on the other side.
    Quick Whole Wheat Chapati Photo 4

History of the Quick Whole Wheat Chapati

Chapati has been a staple dish in Indian cuisine for centuries. It is believed to have originated in ancient India and is made with just a few simple ingredients, including whole wheat flour and water. The dough is rolled into thin rounds and cooked on a griddle, producing a flatbread that is both delicious and nutritious.

Tips and Tricks for Quick Whole Wheat Chapati Recipe

One of the keys to making a great chapati is to knead the dough well. This helps to develop the gluten in the flour, making the dough more elastic and easier to roll out. It is also important to roll out the dough as thinly as possible to ensure that the chapati cooks evenly and is not too doughy.

Another tip is to cook the chapati on a hot griddle. This helps to create those delicious bubbles and blisters that give chapati its unique texture and flavour.

Tips for presenting the dish

Chapati is a great dish to serve with a variety of Indian dishes, such as curry, chutney or raita. You can also use it as a wrap for sandwiches, or cut it into triangles and serve it with a dip.

To present the dish, you can stack the chapati on a plate and serve it alongside your main dish. You can also fold it into a triangle and place it on a serving platter, garnished with fresh coriander leaves or other fresh herbs. Finally, you can serve it in a basket or bread warmer to keep it warm and fresh for your guests.

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